About Us

ECS is an engineering and manufacturing firm dedicated to providing appropriate compost design, technology, and on-going technical support to our composting clients. Our staff is comprised of compost experts; mechanical, electrical, and software engineers; project engineers; project/construction managers; and supporting technical staff. We design, build and test all of our products at our UL Listed manufacturing facility in Seattle, WA.

Our design philosophy is to combine high-value systems development with appropriate integration of commodity products and technologies. The results are compost systems tailored to meet client needs, made from proven components, and at reasonable costs.

ECS services include facility design, construction oversight, facility start up, and operator training. After start-up, our staff provides technical assistance via real-time web access to our control systems; long term on-site operational support; and annual facility inspection and instrument recalibration services.


When you contact ECS we will gather information on your company and your project, then determine if your needs and ECS products and services are a good match. If so, we will provide information on ECS technology and preliminary estimates as appropriate.

Pro Forma Design Process

When your need for information requires engineering (calculations, design drawings etc) you will be directed to our Pro Forma Design Process. We use a rigorous design approach we've developed over the past decade, combined with our unparalleled range of system and component offerings, to provide our clients with appropriate compost solutions. Our clients are better able to make informed decisions because of this process. Their decisions include whether or not to proceed with a new potential project or facility upgrade; and which, among many process options, best suits their unique application and needs.

Detailed Design and Construction

When a new project or facility upgrade proves feasible, ECS develops the detailed process design in concert with the client’s other team members (engineers, environmental consultants, and contractors). ECS’ typical project scope of work includes:

  • Providing drawings and calculations to support permitting by others
  • On-site technical support for construction oversight
  • Providing the manufactured system components
  • Conducting facility start-up and acceptance testing
  • Training facility staff to use ECS equipment and educating on the fundamentals of composting
  • Providing product service, on-going technical support, and annual site inspections