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Tim O’Neill founded Engineered Compost Systems in 1999 to develop and manufacture technology and to provide technical services for large-scale composting facilities.  Tim started in business in 1986 by co-founding Measurement Technology NW with Peter Zieve and working as Peter’s first Vice President of ElectroImpact during its founding years. 

In the 1990’s, Tim was co-owner and lead mechanical and controls engineer at Green Mountain with the focus of developing small in-vessel systems.  Since 1999, ECS product and service offerings have expanded in our quest to respond to market needs.  As the name implies, Engineered Compost Systems uses top quality engineering to meet these demands.  To this end, ECS has had the opportunity to build the most qualified group of compost engineers in the industry.

Sister companies of ECS include Thermetrics, which manufactures a wide range of precision instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, protective apparel, and dynamic thermal environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors. Rugged Controls, another sister company, previously named MTNW, designs and manufactures durable, multi-channel winch line control, wireline monitoring, and tensiometer instrumentation used in demanding commercial and oceanographic applications ranging from polar to tropical.



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Tim O'Neill


B.S., M.S. Mechanical Engineering University of Washington

​Tim is president and founder of ECS.  He has worked as an entrepreneur providing technology and consulting to the compost industry since 1993.  He enjoys the broad range of challenges and never-ending opportunities to learn that this industry provides. He is a recognized expert in compost aeration and control, regulatory compliance, process control and monitoring technology, odor control, feedstock preparation, and material handling.

Steve Diddy, director of business development, master composter, graduate of Washington State University Master Composter program, communications, philosophy, Evergreen College Alum, decades of experience in composting industry, US Composting Conference, Biocycle Conference, BFI Organics, sales, customer service, contact ECS, engineered compost systems

Steve Diddy

Director, Business Development 

B.A. Philosophy & Communications

Evergreen State College 

Master Composter, WSU Extension Office

Steve has worked in the composting industry since 1989. He has worked for city and state governments, has attended nearly every USCC and BioCycle conference over the past 25 years, and was a member of the innovative BFI Organics group. Steve joined ECS a few years after its inception in 1999 and has been with the company ever since. He is responsible for sales, customer service, and is the first person you will most likely talk with when you call ECS.

Chris Hibbard, engineering manager and senior design engineer, mechanical engineer, Michigan Technological University Alum, engineered compost systems, ECS, project manager, design compost process, vendor supervision, oversees facility start-up, lead project engineer on over 20 compost facilities in North America, on-site technical support, ultra-high pressure water jets in a nuclear environment, responsible for developing procedures for cutting decommissioned nuclear reactor parts for disposal

Chris Hibbard

Engineering Manager

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Michigan Technological University

Chris oversees ECS' engineering activities in project management, compost process design, vendor supervision, and facility start-up. Since joining ECS in 2001, Chris has worked as lead project engineer on over 20 compost facilities in North America and has provided on-site technical support at dozens more. Prior to joining ECS, Chris designed tooling used with ultra-high pressure water jets in a nuclear environment and developed procedures for cutting decommissioned nuclear reactor parts for disposal. 

Charlie Krauter, compost engineer and project manager, physics, University of California at Davis, mechanical engineer, California State University at Sacramento, fundamental research efforts, product development, helps clients, lead developer of compost process technology, project lead for five United States Government funded compost research projects, design engineer for tunnel boring machine company, engineered compost systems, ECS

Charlie Krauter

Lead Engineer

B.S. Physics, UC Davis

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, CSU Sacramento


Charlie brings an extremely broad skill set to ECS.  Dividing his time between ECS’ fundamental research efforts, product development, and client support activities, Charlie is also the lead developer of ECS’ new generation of compost process control technology.  He also is the project lead on five US Government funded compost research projects that ECS has carried out during his tenure.  Prior to joining ECS in 2006, Charlie worked as a design engineer for a tunnel boring machinery company.


Bryce Dinger


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

B.S. Renewable Materials

University of Idaho

Bryce is a graduate of the University of Idaho and joined the ECS Team in 2020. He contributes to system modeling, documentation, and research and development efforts. Prior to ECS, Bryce was a design engineer in the defense industry. Prior to that, Bryce was a research assistant in material science at the University of Idaho where he developed bioplastic composites for use in the automotive industry.


Baraka Poulin

Business Development

Master of Business Administration

Georgia College and State University

BS Mechanical Engineering

Gonzaga University


Baraka provides sales engineering and early stage technical support for project development.  Prior to joining ECS in 2019, Baraka developed industrial scale biomass renewable energy projects with both pyrolysis and gasification technology.  He also brings an extensive background developing energy efficiency projects with public sector clients through energy service performance contracting.

Jeff Gorom

Quality Assurance Manager

B.A. Business Administration

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Since joining ECS in 2001 Jeff has been responsible for the production management, design of electrical power and control systems, purchasing, and customer technical support of every ECS system. Prior to joining ECS Jeff worked as a Production Manager at the Northwest Center where he supervised multiple manufacturing areas involving quality control, design, tooling, and inventory.

Simon Krauter


B.S. Mechanical Engineering
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Simon joined the ECS team in May of 2021. He contributes to system design, modeling, and documentation. Prior to working at ECS, Simon worked as a manufacturing engineer for a soft goods fabrication facility where he gained experience shepherding a wide variety of products through the production process. He is passionate about sustainability and spending time outside. Simon likes to build boats and houses in his free time. 

Aimee Manderlink.jpg

Aimee Manderlink


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Boston University

Aimee is a recent graduate of Boston University and joined ECS in 2018. She contributes to system design and ECS' research and development efforts. As an undergraduate, Aimee applied her passion for sustainable waste management and sanitation systems as a member of Engineers Without Borders.  Prior to working at ECS, Aimee was a research assistant in energy engineering at Pennsylvania State University where she investigated electrochemical systems and biomass conversion.

Morgan- cropped.jpg

Morgan Faber


B.S. Environmental Science

San Diego State University


Morgan is part of the team in our UL listed electrical panel shop and helps assemble, QC, and test all of our fabricated equipment developed for client facilities.  After completing her degree and working at a company where she assembled concrete polishers, Morgan realized how much she loved putting things together.  Building compost system components integrates her passion for the environment with her technical skills.

Sue Bowden, controller, accountant, University of Alaska Anchorage alum, financial management, engineered compost systems, ECS, build a compost facility

Sue Bowden


B.A. Accounting

University of Alaska Anchorage

Sue is responsible for accounting, financial management, and Shared Resource teams for Engineered Compost Systems and its sister companies.

Heather Hill

Senior Accountant

A.A.S. Accounting

Grays Harbor College


Heather is responsible for accounting and payroll for ECS and its sister companies.  She joined ECS in 2005 as the Office Manager.

Heather Hill, senior accountant, accounting, Grays Harbor College Alum, engineered compost systems, ECS, industrial composting, waste industry

Martin Dinsmore

IT / Facilities Manager

A.T.A. Digital Forensics/Network Security

Edmonds Community College


Martin joined ECS in 2012 as a mechanical and electrical technician.  He now maintains the IT and facilities infrastructure and manages website security and updates.  He also performs safety inspections and monitors workplace safety hazards.  Martin assists as needed in manufacturing. 

ECS team is comprised of compost experts, engineers, and scientists. We are relentless in our development of new products and services tailored to meet the needs of our industry and fill the technological void that we frequently encounter. 

Jalair Box, marketing coordinator, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University, engineered compost systems, ECS, news, updates, tradeshows, conferences, compost, build an industrial compost facility, best design for a compost facility

Andrea Harrell

Marketing & Administration

B.A. Fashion Merchandising

Seattle Pacific University

Since joining in 2017, Andrea handles the marketing for ECS and coordinates trade shows, conferences, and other events. She helps manage and maintain the overall presence and presentation of the website and provides assistance in many areas across the company.


We are not currently hiring, but if you'd like to submit a resume please visit the Careers page.



ECS is recognized nationally as a leader in facilitating the compost industry.
As industry leaders, our work has been acknowledged in a number of print magazines and online articles.

ECS is highlighted is the July 2018 Washington Organic Recycling Council newsletter:


BioCycle Magazine articles on the value of using Aeration Floors for more efficient composting:

Aeration Floor Fundamentals and

Composting Aeration Floor Functions And Designs BioCycle.net

The Seattle Met Magazine recognizes ECS as the industry leader in odor control:

His Stuff Doesn’t Stink Seattle Met

Seattle Business Magazine profiles ECS's expansion:

Engineered Compost Systems Expands Nationwide Seattle Business


Climate Solutions describes ECS's range of capabilities:

Climate Solutions Spotlight on ECS Climate Solutions

Recycling Product News spotlights ECS:

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On average, ECS staff presents six to eight carefully researched, scientific-based presentations per year to our industry. We have been at the forefront of evolving our composting industry since our inception in 1999; and we take pride in sharing our findings with the compost community and using our ever-continuing, cutting-edge research to benefit our clients. 
The list below represents only the last year of ECS presentations, click here for a more comprehensive list with presentation abstracts. 

January 2019

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

January 2019

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

Compost Odor Emissions and Process Efficiency-Connecting the Science to the Practice

Compost Odor Emissions and Process Efficiency-Connecting the Science to the Practice

January 2018

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

Compost Odor Emissions and Process Efficiency-Connecting the Science to the Practice

January 2017

Tim O'Neill

Using a Flexible Pilot to Optimize Performance of an Aerated Compost System

Geoff Hill

Green Energy without the Cost and Complications of an Anaerobic Process: A comparative cost analysis of solar panels paired with food waste composting versus anaerobic digestion

April 2018

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

Large Scale Composting - Keys to Long Term Profitability & VOC Regulation in California and the elephant(s) in the closet.

May 2017

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

Food Waste is Coming: How Contaminated Will It Be and How to Deal with Contaminants? 

Food Waste is Coming – But How Much? 

June 2016

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

The Cost of Compliance to the State of California's Water Control Board General Order: a Comparison between Windrow and Aerated Static Pile Composting

October 2018

Geoff Hill

Biochemical Benefits Of Cocomposting Alkaline Digestate With Acidic SSO

March 2018

Geoff Hill & Steve Diddy

"Accelerating Organics Recycling"

October 2017

Tim O'Neill & Geoff Hill

Estimating Food Waste Yields From New Collection Programs.

April 2017

Tim O'Neill

Assessing Options for Aeration Floors

May 2016

Tim O'Neill

Cost Effective Air Emissions Testing as a Process Management Tool

April 2016

Geoff Hill

Food Waste Estimation Modeling Using Census Data

April 2016

Tim O'Neill

Cost Effective Air Emissions Test Methods to Reflect Composting Process Variability

January 2016

Tim O'Neill

Composting Organics in Mixed Waste Streams: Challenges, Methods, and Outcomes

November 2017

Steve Diddy

Bringing Our Sole Back To Life

October 2017

Tim O'Neill

Designing a Compost Facility

November 2016

Wee L. Yee, USDA-Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory, & Tim O'Neill

Managing Pest Problems -- Exploring New Technologies to Protect Fruit Tree Health

September 2018

TimO'Neill & Geoff Hill

Facility Enclosure: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and pH and the Compost Process.

September 2017

Geoff Hill

Temperature & the compost process: an exploration of the failure mechanisms behind high temperature composting

September 2016

Geoff Hill

Limiting & Testing Emissions: Experience and New Methodologies

September 2018

Steve Diddy

"Can You Dig It?"

September 2016

Geoff Hill

Process Impacts: Emissions from Large-Scale Composting

November 2016

Geoff Hill

Composting in California: CalRecycle Zone Works 


Our industry is full of challenges. When we can't find something in the market to fill our need, we invent something that will. Here is a short list:
  • The Original Wireless Compost Temperature Probe (currently 4th generation)

  • Zone Controller Distributed Control Technology

  • CompTroller Server Based Control and Monitoring System (currently 3rd generation)

  • CompDog Aeration Floor System

  • Low Friction Aeration Floor System

  • Non-Clogging Aeration Floor Drainage System

  • Adjustable Column Height Sparger



ECS provides the following technical documents and white papers. We hope these assist you with your composting projects and knowledge of ECS. If you have any questions, please contact us


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