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Forced Aeration Composting

 A well-designed forced aeration composting system can provide a powerful tool to enable operators to meet complex regulations, including higher odor control standards.

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BMPs for Food Waste Composting

There are a few simple Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be performed regularly onsite at any composting facility and used as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Read on to learn more.

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BMPs for High Nitrogen Feedstocks

This pager outlines the steps necessary to process challenging feedstocks in to a BMP mix that can be maintained in aerobic conditions to minimize odor release and maximize decomposition rate.

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Biofilters can provide odor and emissions reductions.


However, the effectiveness varies greatly based on the following conditions.

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Effects of pH and Microbial Composition

A major problem for composting plants is odor emissions. This research links the correlation between low pH with slow decomposition and the impacts on odors and microbial growth.

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Odor Measurement Wind Tunnel

Odor sampling: Techniques and strategies for the estimation of odor emission rates from different source types.

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Decomposition Rates with Higher Aeration 

Higher pH and faster decomposition in biowaste composting by increased aeration.

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Low pH as Inhibiting Factor in Transition from Mesophilic to Thermophilic

How acidity of household waste materials increases initial temperatures in composting process, and can have adverse effects in large-scale composting.

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Manage Food Waste Compost Odour Emmisions

Is your composting process beset by an odour emission problem? Don’t worry, Nordic Council of Ministers has financed a study providing practical instructions for food waste composting.

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Municipal Solid Waste Organics Processing

This is a technical document for communities considering options for processing organic waste and need more detailed, objective technical guidance and reliable information on the available processing technologies.

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Oxygen Solubility in Compost: Odor Technical Guide

UK Environment Tech Guide oxygen solubilitys it correlates  with temperature.

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