City of Kelowna // Kelowna, BC

City of Kelowna // Kelowna, BC



    Client Needs:


    Rapid growth in the Okanagan area of British Columbia pushed the Cities of Kelowna and Vernon expand their biosolids composting operations. They joined forces to build a large facility and improve their economies of scale. Their experienced operators had a number of requirements, including:

    • An aeration floor that would be easily loaded, unloaded, and maintained;
    • No cables or obstructions around the piles and in the way of their Front-End Loaders;
    • Automatic process control and data logging to meet regulatory requirements; and
    • Readily expandable to keep up with the on-going growth.



    ECS Solution:


    Once selected as the compost process equipment vendor, ECS began working with the client’s engineer to develop the detailed facility design. ECS produced the Aerated Static Pile aeration and control designs, and installation data that was included in the construction documents. Given the tight time-line, ECS simultaneously began fabrication of the aeration and control components, and coordinated deliveries with the construction schedule. Upon completion, ECS engineers and technicians provided facility start-up, staff training and technical support.


    The Kelowna/Vernon Compost Facility was sized initially for 10.5 dt/day of biosolids in 12 individually controlled ASP zones. The facility is laid out for ready expansion to 36 zones. The aeration system features the ECS high efficiency aeration floor, reversing aeration, rugged low-speed stainless steel fans, and zone-to-zone heat sharing. The ECS CompTroller™ Control System includes intuitive operator interface PC software, automatic temperature feedback based control zone control and monitoring, speed control of the fans for improved energy efficiency and control, and wireless temperature probes (RF TeleProbe™) for simplified operations.


    In 2010 the Kelowna/Vernon facility was enlarged and after a second competitive bid ECS was chosen to provide an additional 24 process zones to accommodate the region’s growth. Today the facility processes approximately 110,000 tonnes/biosolids and yard waste.


    Capacity (tpy)




    ECS Technologies Employed

    Aerated Static Pile System

    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    RF Teleprobe Wireless Temperature Probes

    Reversing Aeration System

    Low Friction Aeration Floor

    Suspended Floor Biofilter

    Start-Up Year

    2006, 2010


    Vernon, BC


    "We built our compost facility in 2005 using ECS reversing aeration technology. When we expanded in 2011 we chose ECS again based on great experience and reliable customer support.  ECS staff has been back to do audits which has helped us keep on top of system maintenance and provided additional operator training.  By far the best thing though, is knowing I can call them when it's -35 C and things aren't going so well.  They look at the system online, diagnose and walk us through a repair. The biosolids trucks roll in every day and our ECS system has enabled us to keep on composting summer and winter. "


    - Marcia Browne

    Facility Manager

    City of Kelowna


    "Our customers buy 50,000 m3 of class A "Ogogrow" every year for their gardening and landscaping projects. They get great compost and we get partial cost recovery for our biosolids processing budget. ECS has been invaluable with equipment, customer support and composting advice to help us achieve this."


    - Marcia Browne

    Facility Manager

    City of Kelowna


    Visit the Kelowna/Vernon Regional Compost Facility online.