City of Lynden WWTP // Lynden, WA

City of Lynden WWTP // Lynden, WA



    Client Needs:


    The City of Lynden planned an eight bay, aerated static pile composting facility to produce Class A biosolids compost. Lynden needed automatic controls to ensure that EPA 503 requirements are met, without constant staff monitoring. The control system required these capabilities:

    • Adapt to the planned facility design and interface with the LAN based SCADA system.
    • Track compost batches as they are moved from bay to bay.
    • Automatically control aeration and document the PFRP process.



    ECS Solution:


    ECS adapted the proprietary CompTroller aeration control and monitoring technology to work with the Lynden facility.


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    Capacity (tpy)




    ECS Technologies Employed

    Aerated Static Pile System

    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    Low-friction Aeration Floor

    Reversing Aeration System

    POG Biofilter

    Horizontal Auger Compost Mixer

    Start-Up Year

    1998, 2005, 2012


    Lynden, WA


    "We have worked with ECS since 1999, when they designed a new compost facility.

    In 2005 ECS upgraded our controls and in 2014 we worked with them to purchase and install n Helm compost mixer.

    ECS service has always been outstanding and they have delivered the work product on time and within budget.

    We count on ECS to troubleshoot problems with our process and will continue to do business with them for all of our compost needs."


    -Tami Adams

    City of Lynden

    Plant(s) Superintendent


    Visit the City of Lynden Compost Facility online.