Waste Connections // Port Angeles, WA

Waste Connections // Port Angeles, WA



    Client Needs:

    The City of Port Angeles’ old Aerated Static Pile facility was no longer in working order and needed an upgrade to compost their biosolids. The City issued an RFP for a new ASP capable of composting 260 dry tons of biosolids and yard wastes per year.


    The City required:

    • Equipment appropriate to fit into their existing facility with a covered roof;

    • Automated aeration control, monitoring and data recording for PFRP and VAR;
    • Below-grade aeration floor so they could stop using a problematic pipe-on-grade floor; and,
    • On-going technical support and periodic training for employees to keep up with turnover.


    ECS Solution:

    ECS was awarded the first contract provide a three zone CASP, and then later another three zones to make a total of six zones. This system included the ECS CompTroller™ aeration control and monitoring system, the ECS LFT aeration floor (a below-grade system that distributes air uniformly through a network of pipe trenches with little pressure loss), and a reversing aeration system with a single output controlled fan and a low pressure loss system of plenums and actuated dampers.  Each zone is 25 feet by 50 feet long and bordered on three sides by “ecology” block walls.

    Since start-up and the initial staff training in 2004, ECS has been supplying technical assistance and facility support as requested.  In 2017, ECS upgraded the 14 year old CompTroller™ with a new, high reliability solid state control server and software system. 


    Capacity (tpy)



    Biosolids and Yard waste 

    ECS Technologies Employed

    Aerated Static Pile System
    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    Start-Up Year

    2004, CompTroller™ Upgrade in 2017


    Port Angeles, WA