Cobble Hill // BC

Cobble Hill // BC


    Client Needs:

    The Fisher Road Recycling facility is a compact site with neighbors close on its property boundaries. The existing compost facility uses an older European made In-Vessel system for primary composting, followed by an ASP inside of a building for secondary composting. Curing is done outside in a separate ASP. In order for the facility to expand the permits required all primary and secondary composting be processed inside of a building, either In-Vessel or In-Building as before.


    ECS Solution:

    Fisher Road Recycling worked with ECS and quickly determined that using In-Building ASP for both primary and secondary composting would be both a better and less expensive process option. ECS designed a high aeration rate primary process that includes six (6) bunker-wall zones where PFRP and stabilization is achieved. The compost is then moved to secondary composting via front end-loaders to sixteen (16) secondary zones in a mass-bed configuration. Primary and secondary aeration is positive, both using ECS Low Friction Trench aeration floors and processed inside of a fabric covered building. Negative ventilation fans remove building air and run it through an ECS designed biofilter.


    Capacity (tpy)



     Food Waste, Yard Waste

    ECS Technologies Employed

    Bio-Layer Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) System Inside a Building

    CompTroller Automated Control & Monitoring System

    Positive Aeration System

    Low Friction Trench Aeration Floor


    Start-Up Year

    Phase II: 2017


    Cobble Hill, BC, Canada