EnviroWaste // Hampton Downs, New Zealand

EnviroWaste // Hampton Downs, New Zealand



    Client Needs:


    EnviroWaste’s Hampton Downs facility had been in operation for several years mostly composting yard waste and using a low aeration rate micro-porous fabric covered ASP.  They had the opportunity to add high-energy food waste and increase the overall tonnage.  The operators recognized they needed a high aeration rate composting system to maintain BMP process conditions during the first few weeks enabling increased throughput and a high level of odor control.  With the tremendous reduction in volatile solids during primary composting, the low aeration rate system could then be successfully be repurposed for secondary composting.



    ECS Solution:

    ECS worked with the EnviroWaste team to develop a detailed facility design of a bio-layer Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP).  The phase I CASP included six bunkers, and a control and aeration system sized for six more bunkers in phase II.  Given the high energy feedstocks and the need for rapid stabilization, a reversing aeration system (automatically switching between positive and negative to minimize temperature variability) was employed that ducted all negative exhaust air to a biofilter.  The aeration system and biofilter were designed to accommodate the addition of six more bunkers.




    12,000 metric tons/year


    Food and Yard Waste

    ECS Technologies Employed

    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    Reversing Aeration

    Low Friction Trench Aeration Floor


    Start-Up Year



    Hampton Downs, NZ