Green Blenz // Stanwood, WA

Green Blenz // Stanwood, WA



    Client Needs:


    New surface and ground water regulations; and a desire for more process and odor control, led Green Blenz (Lenz Enterprises) to seek upgrades to their existing static pile composting facility. Their feedstocks include: slaughter house wastes, paunch, manure, chicken litter, blood and yard waste. Their facility design requirements included:

    • A compact facility footprint to minimize surface water collection/retention;
    • An efficient leachate collection system;
    • Automated aeration control and monitoring; and
    • Reliable process and odor control.



    ECS Solution:

    ECS worked with this client’s consulting engineer to develop a detailed facility design for construction of an Aerated Static Pile in a Bunker Wall configuration, and with a reversing aeration (positive and negative) to ensure even temperature distribution in the biomass. This is critically important for reliably achieving pathogen killing temperatures in potentially pathogenic feedstocks.


    The Bunker Wall configuration dramatically reduces the facility footprint and the ECS Low-Friction Trench below grade aeration provides even air distribution, and collects leachate/condensate. The leachate is directed to a sump located before the aeration fans and is then pumped into a holding tank for reuse into newly formed composting zones.


    Feedstocks are tipped inside a tipping and mixing building that is vented to a biofilter. The preprocessing includes hand picking for contaminants and grinding incoming feedstocks. The mixed raw compost is conveyed to an open bay where front end-loaders efficiently fill the composting bunkers. A top-coat of clean compost is added for insulation to each primary zone, temperature probes are placed and the automated aeration control and monitoring system is initiated started. Markets include bulk compost and topsoil sales.



    Capacity (tpy)



    SSO, Green Waste

    ECS Technologies Employed

    Aerated Static Pile System

    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    Reversing Aeration System

    Suspended Floor Biofilter

    Twin Vertical Auger Compost Mixer

    Start-Up Year



    Stanwood, WA


    "Roughly 10 years ago we started working with ECS to assist us with the design and build of our compost facility. Today, we now have over eight years of proof positive results from their system, its design and [its] controls. ECS has been an excellent partner in providing reliable service, honesty and a tried and true product. Thanks ECS!"


    - Jason Lenz

    Vice President

    Lenz Enterprises/GreenBlenz

    Stanwood, WA


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