Pat Jackson Septic // ME

Pat Jackson Septic // ME


    Client Needs:


    In 2001 Pat Jackson Septic purchased a six vessel containerized composting system from Green Mountain Technology (GMT). At that time ECS was supplying GMT with control systems. GMT installed the system that same year. In 2018 they called ECS and reported that the system was not functioning and requested our services to fix the problem and support their facility.


    ECS Solution:


    We searched through our archives and found the 2001 electrical drawings used to build the original CompTroller™. Using those drawings our UL Listed shop built a new cabinet back-panel and installed our third generation CompTroller™ and server hardware. We delivered the back panel along with 12 replacement vessel temperature probes, 6 replacement vessel damper actuators, and 1 replacement duct pressure sensor.  ECS Engineers Jeff and Charlie assembled the panel and tested it. After starting up the system, they trained Pat’s staff on operating their CompTroller™.


    With some time left before their return home, Jeff and Charlie inspected the remaining mechanical and electrical components of the containerized system. Once back at the office they wrote up a brief report of their findings and sent it off to Pat’s.


    Now when Pat’s Septic calls, we are able to check in on their operation via their CompTroller™ and provide the support required.


    Capacity (tpy) 4,000 tons/year
    Feedstocks Biosolids and bulking agents

    ECS Technologies


    ECS CompTroller™, sensors and Temperature Probes
    Start-Up Year 2001 (by others)

    ECS Control


    Location Augusta, ME


    "I was impressed with ECS. They did an excellent job, were on time and within budget. (ECS engineers) Charlie and Jeff were onsite and they knew what they were doing."

    -Paula Jackson


    Pat Jackson Septic


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