Waste Connections - Silver Springs // Rainier, WA

Waste Connections - Silver Springs // Rainier, WA



    Client Needs:


    Silver Springs Organics was purchased and redeveloped in 2011 by Waste Connections to handle the growing yard and food waste streams from their collection areas in the south Puget Sound region.  They put a high premium on product quality, odor control and efficiency.  During this transition they were also required to capture and reuse all contact water.



    ECS Solution:


    ECS supplied design and the aerated composting technology to previous owner of SSO starting in 2007.  In 2011, ECS provided process analysis and was part of the design team that led to new facility that was constructed in 2012.  This facility features a roof to minimize contact water, an aerated tip floor, primary composting in an Aerated Turned Pile (ATP) with reversing aeration, and secondary composting a fabric covered negatively Aerated Static Pile.  Process air from negative aeration is scrubbed in biofilters.


    Capacity (tpy)



    Yard waste, Food waste

    ECS Technologies Employed

    Covered Aerated Static Pile System

    Aerated Turned Pile System

    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    RF Teleprobe Wireless Temperature Probes

    Reversing Aeration System

    Sparger Aeration Floor

    Suspended floor biofilter

    Negative Aeration System

    CompDog™ Aeration Floor

    POG Biofilter

    Start-Up Year



    Rainier, WA


    "ECS has been a trusted partner in our business since conception nearly 15 years ago. Their ability to create customer centric solutions and custom, site specific design resulting in flawless execution has made them invaluable to us. From our initial build of a 120k tpy ASP system, our later conversion to a 5 acre indoor hybrid system and all the challenges along the way, ECS has always delivered (and continues to) sound, dependable and predictable results with impeccable customer service. We have also had great success using their expertise for complex consulting and regulatory interface. I cannot imagine the difficulties we would have had over the years without them on our team. ECS is a great company made up of great people who have world class knowledge and technology for compost facilities that are looking to advance the industry and raise the bar. 


    - Greg Schoenbachler

    Special Projects Manager

    Waste Connections

    (Formerly Owner/President Silver Springs Organic)


    “ECS is the most responsive and supportive company that I have ever worked with in the compost industry. I have no desire to work with anyone else. Thanks ECS...”


    -Samantha Fleischner

    Facility Manager

    Silver Springs Organic

    Rainier WA


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