Waste Management - Vista Organics // Apopka, FL

Waste Management - Vista Organics // Apopka, FL



    Client Needs:


    The Vista facility processes from 30,000 to 50,000 tons/year of food and yard trim, and land clearing debris. The facility is located in an odor sensitive area. Composted feedstocks include curbside collected food scraps and yard trim from neighboring cities, and commercially collected food scraps from grocery and restaurants. 



    ECS Solution:


    ECS provided compost process design (preliminary and detailed), and process covered aerated static pile (CASP) equipment to Waste Management Inc for their Vista Compost Facility in Apopka, FL (Vista). The scope of work included working with their private civil engineering firm to assist with overall design of the facility and incorporate ECS’s detailed mechanical and electrical drawings into the final facility design. During construction ECS worked with Vista’s construction contractor and the client’s civil engineers to develop delivery schedules, provide equipment installation support, facility start-up, and staff training. Since start-up and to present day ECS has provided on-going technical assistance, facility support and facility inspections.  


    The Vista process includes tipping feedstocks into an enclosed tipping and mixing building. Operators remove contaminants using a coarse floor-sort. The feedstocks are transported by front end loader into an ECS/Helm Welding heavy-duty compost mixer and are blended to meet BMP conditions. Once the composting process has begun, the key process variables are primarily oxygen, and temperature. While maintaining the physical characteristics for BMP requires periodic operator intervention, maintaining BMP oxygen and temperature levels is automated by the ECS CompTroller™.  Captured process gas is directed to ECS designed biofiltration systems for VOC and odor scrubbing. The compost process uses 100% negative aeration on the ECS LF Floor to provide even air distribution and excellent contact water collection.  The aeration floors are surrounded by bunker-walls on three sides. 


    Unfortunately this facility, because of internal Waste Management business decisions, is currently closed.


    Capacity (tpy)



    Green Waste

    Food Waste

    ECS Technologies Employed

    Covered Aerated Static Pile system (CASP)

    CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System

    Negative Aeration System

    Low friction Aeration Floor

    CompDog™ Aeration Floor

    POG biofilter

    Horizontal Auger Compost Mixer

    SideWinder™ Cover Handler

    Start-Up Year



    Apopka, FL


    “ECS customer support is second to none, and that means a lot.”


    - Ray Stamper

    Facility Manager

    Vista Landfill – Organics Facility

    Waste Management


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