West Garfield County Landfill // CO

West Garfield County Landfill // CO


    Client Needs:


    The West Garfield County Landfill (WGCL) receives petroleum contaminated soils (PCS) from oil and gas drilling operations and spills from various sites in the state. Their goal is to remove the petroleum hydrocarbons from the soil so the material can be used as landfill cover. WGCL requested a pilot system that would allow them to test the feasibility of bio-oxidizing the petroleum hydrocarbons in a controlled compost environment while minimizing the VOC emissions using a biofilter. 


    ECS Solution:


    ECS was awarded the project through a competitive bidding process and provided a design and essential equipment that met their landfill specifications (above). The design provided four (4) independently controlled compost zones with a low rate, pipe-on-grade, negatively aerated system with biofiltration. The system was in a mass-bed configuration approximately 80’ x 85’ with ~1,500 yd3 of PCS mix (PCS, biosolids and woodchips). The PCS mix was covered with ~12” of insulating wood chips and the entire mass-bed was covered with an ECS impermeable fabric cover. Pilot trial batches of 1,500 yd3 each were successfully completed.



    Capacity 1,500 yd3 batches
    Feedstocks Contaminated soil and amendments
    ECS Technologies Employed ASP with negative aeration, fabric cover, biofiltration, pipe-on-grade aeration
    Start-Up Year 2015
    Location West Garfield County Landfill, CO



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