Whidbey Island Naval Station // WA

Whidbey Island Naval Station // WA



    Client Needs:


    Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island installed a competitor’s (non-ECS) in-vessel composting system in the 1990s. Technical support had been an issue for some time, and in 2015 the vintage custom control system stopped working.  The compost facility needed a company that would provide:

    • A replacement automated aeration control and monitoring system to manage their existing 8 vessel system
    • New VFDs, sensors, motorized dampers and other components
    • Reliable service and ongoing technical support to assist with operations


    ECS Solution:


    This project was a perfect application for the CompTroller™ 3.0. Our
    off-the-shelf technology got them up and running quickly, and we provided a whole suite of improved control and monitoring features.

    The entire upgrade which included installing panels, re-landing field wires,
    installing new pressure sensors, testing equipment and providing specific
    training on the new Comptroller™ software and a review of composting procedures with operators and manager took three days onsite.


    Capacity (tpy) 1,000
    Feedstocks Biosolids, Food Waste  and Yard waste
    ECS Technologies Employed CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System
    Start-Up Year 2016
    Location Whidbey Island, WA