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I recently sent out a nation-wide call looking for qualified Compost Facility Operators that have years of experience--and that were interested in relocating to different parts of the US for employment opportunities. I received an underwhelming response. I assume the reasons were two-fold:

1) the part about relocation; and, 2) that there is a dearth of experienced compost facility operators/managers.

The Washington State Organics Recycling Council (WORC) recently conducted their 2009 Operator Training Course and provided excellent training to over 35 students. About half of those students were municipal employees & consulting engineers; and, the balance were already working for compost related businesses.

From my viewpoint, it appears that Municipalities and Regulators are becoming students of composting (as well they should); and that compost businesses are finding it easier to educate their existing staff as opposed to looking for outside talent (that at present seems almost non-existent).

The jobs I was looking to fill had salary ranges from $60-80k with benefits and incentives. It is good work to find in these trying times.

I suggest that individuals looking for career opportunities in Composting, and that have the skills and drive for management positions, would do well to attend one of the several Compost Facility Operator Training Courses offered around the country, and explore a career in Compost Facility Management.

I further suggest that if anyone is interested in pursuing a career in the Composting Industry, then the best money they could spend in 2010 would be to attend either the US Compost Council Annual Convention, this year held in Orlando, FL. January 24-27, 2010; or the BioCycle West Coast Conference in San Diego, CA April 12-15, 2010.

There are one-day courses held before the conference on various topics such as compost basics, marketing etc; followed by a few days of presentations, vendor exhibitions and equipment demonstrations.

After a few days at the conference you should know if the compost industry is a good fit for you and if it is worth investing more of your time and effort. If it is, I look forward to meeting you...

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