From Biosolids Compost to a Solid Market in Granby, Colorado

Several of our biosolids composting clients are both municipally operated Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and first time composters with no previous experience. We do a good job of training our clients on how to use ECS systems; teaching them the fundamentals of composting, and providing them with a range of mix recipes. During the first couple of months after facility start-up, there are the typical operational bumps-in-the-road, and then things tend to smooth out.

Our WWTP client in Granby, CO followed this pattern and is now a veteran composter. For them, it wasn’t so much learning and instituting the process to make compost that was the challenge, it was marketing their product, and building a retail customer base.

SV Composter™ -- Stationary In-vessel

I called to check in on Granby earlier this week… just to see how things are going now that the summer marketing season is coming to a close. I was told that they have had a banner year for marketing their compost product; and they can no longer keep up with demand.

Vessel Loading Conveyor Adding Raw Compost Mix into SV Composter™

Granby’s compost is advertised in flyers that go out to their customers, and by word-of-mouth. The compost is offered free to their WWTP customers; and is sold to a loyal clientele base of landscaping companies, golf courses, and resorts that are clamoring for their compost.

During the winter months (when it’s -20 to -30C outside), the compost is provided to the county for their land reclamation projects.

Congratulations Granby…you’ve mastered biosolids composting in extremely cold weather, and you’ve built solid markets for your products…We are proud of you!

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