ECS Food Waste Feedstock Study

If you are planning to add food waste to a new facility or a facility upgrade, it’s imperative to base your business plan and facility design on accurate data.

The ECS Food Waste Feedstock Study is a design tool based on quantitative census & NAICS code information that is proven to be 90-99% accurate in predicting the actual amount of food waste that can be diverted from cities and counties in Canada and the United States.

This technical service is appropriate for haulers or municipalities that are

  • determining feasibility and planning future programs

  • planning to upgrade their facility from windrow to aerated composting or

  • anaerobic digestion system

  • utilizing the data to predict tonnage coming to new facilities or to validate a

  • facility expansion

The results will help you determine

  • amount of food waste that can be actually diverted from the MSW stream in any

  • given geographical boundary

  • solid data for forecasting revenue

  • proper facility siting and sizing

  • pre-processing and processing systems design

Please contact Steve Diddy at 360-280-8985 or for more details on the Food Waste Feedstock Study and our other Technical Services.

Photo courtesy of Flickr
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