2017 WORC & Napa Selects ECS And OVERAA

Visit Steve Diddy at WORC

ECS exhibiting at "Bring Our Soil Back to Life" Blaine, WA, Nov 14-15

The City of Napa has selected ECS and OVERAA to design and build an ASP compost facility at the existing site location.

Prior to construction the City of Napa has asked for value engineering; we love lifting the hood on our designs with our construction partners in order to find ways to customize for the unique needs of the customer and demands of the site. The City asked us to explore the capital and operating impacts of switching from a bunker design (zones isolated with concrete divider walls) to a mass bed with no zone walls or side walls. ECS's largest mass bed site is in Kelowna B.C., where ~100,000 tpy of biosolids and wood waste is composted (details here). In seeking Kelowna's feedback on the Napa's questions, Kelowna's operators concluded that at least one and preferably two zones be left open in each bed for batch loading and top covering from the side. Stay tuned for our final design or visit the Napa facility to buy OMRI, STA, and CDFA approved compost today.

City of Napa Compost Facility Highlights Operations: Napa Recycling Current Technology: Windrows Address: 820 Levitin Way, Napa, CA Upgrade: aerated static pile (ASP) Construction: 2018 Upgraded capacity: up to 113,000 tpy

ECS's Tool-Kit approach combines intelligent process control with proven aeration designs; each facility design optimized according to unique customer needs.

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