Commitment to Support

Engineered Compost Systems equipment is built to last.  And like any equipment, ours requires maintenance, spare parts, and occasionally, troubleshooting.  Over time, our clients need operator re-training, upgrades and sometimes reconfiguration to match their changing needs. ECS has the full-time staff and dedication to provide unparalleled product support. So whether it’s an actual lightning strike (which does happen) that requires a fast response or a planned upgrade that requires a deep understanding of the operation, ECS is dedicated to keeping our clients up and running for decades.






In our Seattle office we have technical personnel five days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. For emergency service during those hours call us at 206-634-2625. If your need isn’t an emergency, or if your emergency happens outside of our office hours, then please email and mark it urgent.  We’ll get to it first thing when we come in.

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For less urgent needs please e-mail with your support needs.  Please include a description of your issue, what you have tried, photos and data files if you have them, and at what number and time you can be called.  We will respond by the next business day. If you are running an ECS CompTroller™ control system and have a process related question, we will set up a time to connect to your control server and take a preliminary look.  If your system is past warranty we will assess the problem and send you a Service Estimate to take care of it.  In most cases we can send you parts that you can install, or you can send us parts that we can repair in our UL certified shop.  On rare occasions remote service will not suffice, in those cases we will gladly schedule a trip to your site.

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Engineered Compost System staff is comprised of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, scientists and electrical technicians. We design and assemble our software controllers, motor controls, and operator control stations at our combined office and manufacturing facility in Seattle, WA. Unlike many of our competitors who operate virtual companies (outsourcing software coding and fabrication of their work), ECS does it in-house in our UL Certified Panel Shop. Our in-house operations and stocked ready-to-ship inventory are a few of the many features that make ECS a full-service company.

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Many Engineered Compost Systems clients hire us to come to their site once every year or two for a facility audit.  This includes an inspection of all ECS supplied equipment (mixers, aeration system, controls, biofilters) to ascertain calibration accuracy of sensors, measure aeration performance, and to assess and plan maintenance.   This service includes a review of process data records, odor events, and final product quality.  While on site ECS reviews process settings, operations, and outcomes with the operators to make sure they are getting the most out of their equipment.  On return to the office ECS engineers write up and prioritize their findings and recommendations to help the facility continuously improve.

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With turnover and time, institutional knowledge can be diminished.  Engineered Compost Systems can come to your site and train new operators and refresh the training for your existing operators and maintenance staff.  The best tool at any compost facility is a good operator, and we are ready to help make yours better.

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Our most common upgrade is replacing 12 to 18-year-old CompTroller™ control systems with the new CompTroller™ 3.0.  This upgrade makes everyone happy.  The new system is OS independent (it runs on any Linux server), has no obsoleting parts, allows Engineered Compost Systems engineers web access, and stores a massive amount of data so we can troubleshoot both real-time issues and answer questions about events from years in the past (like “What was the temperature in the biofilter when we had that odor issue on April 1st two years ago?”)




Darwin had a point, evolution is a must.  We are here to help our clients adapt to changing regulations, feedstock types and quantities, encroachment, market requirements, business goals… you name it. 

To date we’ve worked on dozens of client expansion projects and helped dozens more modify their facilities to meet changing needs and regulations.  If change is coming your way, we’ve probably already helped another client adapt to fulfill a similar need. 

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